Guide on Different Tibet Tour Packages & Itineraries

How to Decide Between Different Tibet Tour Packages? – Types of Tours and Itineraries


How do you decide between any tour packages? Proper research is the key. And today we made your life easier because all the Google adventures end here. In the following paragraphs, you’ll learn about choosing and comparing Tibet tour packages. We’ll go over various topics, including cost reduction, the best number of days, and popular packages.


Wait, do you really need a tour package for Tibet?

Yes, Tibet sees strict tourism regulations. Independent travel is currently unallowed. First, you need to obtain a Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) permit. Read more about the visa procedure. Then you need to pick a tour because having a guide is mandatory for foreigners traveling in Tibet.


Which types of Tibet tours are available?

You can find many ways of categorizing Tibet tours. More or less, most of these distinctions serve marketing purposes. In the end, you’ll decide on a private or group tour.

  • Private tour

    Picking a private tour maximizes your personal freedom on the trip. That concerns hotels, number of days, and the overall pace of the tour. However, private tours come at a higher price. The tailor-made schedules for only one or two people won’t benefit from splitting the expenses between many travellers.

  • Group tour

    When you opt for a group tour, you could save a significant sum of money. The prices are lower compared to private tours because many expenses get shared by a higher headcount. These tours with fixed departure dates offer the best value when you travel alone or with a few companions.

What kind of specific tour packages are offered?

Tibet caters to a variety of interests. Mountains, adventures, culture, and spiritual connections. Let’s go over the most popular package types.

  • Everest Base Camp

    This is a classic Tibet tour package that remains a real stunner! In the course of eight days, you’ll explore the Tibet highlights together with spending a night at the Everest Base Camp North (EBCN).

  • Cultural & Spiritual Tours

    Many Tibet tour packages feed the spiritual needs and quench the thirst for unique cultural experiences. For example, 4 Days Holy City Tour features the exquisite Potala Palace and two of the ‘Great Three’ monasteries.

  • Train Tours

    An 11-day train tour is an epic way to journey through China and the Himalayas. It’s an absolute gem for all the expats in China because the tour itinerary starts in Beijing. If you have a soft spot for amazing train journeys and have always wanted to visit Tibet, this might be your chance!

  • Tibet Vacation Tours

    Vacation in Tibet is a great plan, indeed. One of the most fulfilling ways to experience the region is exploring its untouched nature. Nothing will prepare you for the majestic beauty of the sacred lakes. The vast open landscapes surrounded by grazing yaks and snow-topped mountains open up a world of adventures. A 5-day voyage or a 6-day Tibet lake tour package is a good choice for touring the Tibetan Himalayas.

Is that all then?
No, far and away! We just listed the most popular tour packages and Tibet itineraries.
Contact us to get more information about different ways you can explore the region with a local Tibet tour guide.


What are the cheapest Tibet tours, though?

Doing budget Tibet tours isn’t that easy. Since you need a guide, vehicles to get around, and official accommodation it’s not possible to find extremely cheap Tibet tours. However, you can check the various tour package offerings and find the most suitable choice for your budget.

The golden rule is that shorter tours are cheaper. And tour packages focusing on sights closer to Lhasa are less expensive compared to broad itineraries. When you stay in Lhasa, choose cheaper accommodation to save costs on your trip. Instead of more luxurious hotels, you could stay at a simple guesthouse that cuts down on the expenses.

Another way to save money means picking a tour that has more attractions without tickets. Namtso Lake, Potala Palace, and quite a few other major sights have entrance fees. Of course, they are worth the cost. But if you are on a tight budget, you might want to experience Yamdrok Lake, authentic countryside regions, and GaWu Mountain Pass to escape the entry costs.


And what is the best number of days for a Tibet tour?

This highly depends on the particular regions and sights you wish to experience. Opting for a group tour means that your itinerary has already been optimized for the ideal number of days. When you go with a private tour, it’s up to you. Discuss with your Tibet travel agency representative to outline the tour plan and its duration.


The bottom line: how to decide between Tibet tour packages?

Start by deciding on a private or group tour. Private tours offer more freedom, but group tours enable significant savings without losing out on any of the main sights.

Then it’s time to choose the particular tour package. You’ll face a lot of choices: from Cultural & Spiritual Tours to the famous Everest Base Camp (EBC) Tour. Weigh the itineraries against your personal preferences, available budget, and the number of days spent in Tibet.

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