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Our Story

Welcome to Experience Tibet! We are a team of professional travelers, peaceful meditators, and high altitude lovers…!

We run a specialized travel agency offering adventurous, spiritual and affordable tour packages to destinations in Tibet and the Tibetan part in Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai, Yunnan, China.

Our top priority is to make your experience unforgettable! We always make sure our groups have the right dynamics, and our guides keep the mood positive and lively.

A little extra…
We design our tours slightly different than most others, just to show you that extra beautiful view, answer any question about Tibetan culture, or give you time to go on your own when you need it.

Simple & Fast
Our booking process is simple and fast. Choose a tour, a starting date, and let us do the rest. You will get our best price, guaranteed! We are also happy to help you fully customize your trip, and use our expertise to advise you according to any of your wishes.

Our origins can be traced back all the way to 1954! We are part of China’s largest and most respected travel organization, the CITS. In 1978, the Sichuan branch was opened and today we proudly continue it’s mission: to take great care of travelers in all corners of beautiful China, as well as several neighboring countries!

Why Travel with our Group Tours?

You will gain valuable knowledge

Traveling without a guide can be boring, the expertise of a local guide is priceless! You will have a more interactive cultural experience, which enriches your life in new ways.

Save costs

Our agency is able to purchase hotel nights, transportation, entrance tickets, restaurants bookings, all in bulk. This means that we get discounted prices which are translated in a lower price for you!

You can take it easy

When traveling with us, you can trust that we have prepared the trip in advance perfectly! No sudden problems will arise that can cost you valuable holiday time, nor won’t we lose our way in the vast Tibetan land!

Achieve your travel goals

When you travel in our group tours, we will make sure you will see the highlights that you told us you wanted to see. All of our tours are adjusted to the wishes of our respected customers, and we will do anything to make you achieve your goals!

Share experiences

Special moments are often even more special when shared with others. In our experience, it’s amazing to see how people can help each other make the most out of their trip!

Make new friends

We’ve had so many great reviews of people that traveled with us and found new best friends on the tour! Our packages are structured in a way that likeminded people will be traveling together, and so the chances of you making new good friends are high!

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