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When and Where to Hike in Tibet? – Popular Trekking Routes in Himalayas


Tibet is a prime trekking tour destination. Hiking in Tibet allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty and challenges of top-class mountain hiking. You are able to choose between a number of treks based on your fitness level and available time.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll learn all about the best times to trek the Tibet mountains. And we’ll go over the best Himalayan trekking tour options as well.
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So, when to hike in Tibet?

Trekking tours in TibetTibet trekking season is shorter compared to Bhutan and Nepal. Most hikes run from late April until late October. The wintertime sees extremely cold temperatures and snow-blocked passes. The risks far outweigh the benefits. No Tibet trekking company organizes any serious trekking tours in deep winter.

But we can further narrow it down to the best time for trekking in Tibet. Many experienced hikers claim that May, June, and October seem to be the best months for taking on a Himalayas trekking tour. This is because these months are a bit drier and offer a greater chance for clear skies. The latter is important as clear conditions let you appreciate the allure of majestic peaks and valleys.


What are the top trekking routes in the Himalayas?

As we have established the best trekking times, it’s now time to cover the top Tibet Himalayas trekking routes. These are Mt Kailash, Ganden to Samye, and Tibet Everest Base Camp. Also, people rave about Kharta Valley and Tsurphu to Yangpachen treks. We’ll wrap up on these treks in another article. For now, let’s take a closer look at the Tibet trekking highlights.

#1: Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek (ca 70 km, 43 miles)

Rongbuk Monastery sign near Everest MountainYou have two options to reach the Everest Base Camp (EBC): start your journey from Nepal or Tibet. Arguably, Nepal is a more common way to reach the EBC. But serious hikers will love starting their ascent in Tibet. On that side, you’ll see unmatched views of the Mt Everest’s iconic northern side. You won’t have that kind of visibility from the base camp in Nepal.

The route starts from Old Tingri, leading mostly through wild surroundings to the EBC. You should allow at least four or five days until the completion of the ascent.
Our Everest Base Camp Tour through the awe-inspiring Tibetan Himalayas lasts for eight days in total.

Isn’t this trek pretty dangerous, though?

Many people feel cautious about making any plans that involve hiking and Mt Everest. They have heard it’s dangerous and a lot of hikers lose their lives every year. But that’s simply not true when it comes to EBC!

Everest Base Camp Tour is different from conquering the actual peak of Mt Everest. It’s true that climbing the peak carries significant risks. The weather conditions are adverse, the altitude is extreme for our bodies, and the falls have a huge fatality risk. When you compare the trek to reach the EBC with the summiting, the former is very safe.

Still, you need to be cautious about a few things. Altitude sickness is a real challenge. Always let your tour guide know if you feel sick from the ascent. Also, it’s important to ensure proper acclimatization. Be aware of any underlying medical conditions! The altitude can exacerbate heart disease and other chronic diseases.

#2: Mt Kailash Trek (ca 52 km, 33 miles)

Mt Kailash trek is one of the most popular routes in the Tibet Himalayas. The mountain towers over all the near-by peaks at a staggering height of 6,714 meters. A true giant when you leave Mt Everest out of the comparison!

Mt. Kaliash TrekkingNote that the summiting Mt Kailash isn’t allowed. Instead, you are able to take on a trail encircling the mountain. The vistas surrounding the peak are among the most beautiful ones in all of Tibet.

On average, people take 3-4 days for the completion of this trek. Is it hard? The altitude definitely creates challenging conditions. There are parts of the trail that exceed 5,600 meters. Otherwise, if it isn’t your first time putting on some hiking gear, you’ll do just fine.

#3: Ganden to Samye (ca 80 km, 49 miles)

The Ganden to Samye trek links two of the most sacred Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. The route passes through beautiful valleys and unique villages. Along the way, you’ll see nomadic herdsmen, plenty of yaks, and pilgrims who take the older route.

Trekking with the yaks

Most of the people take around 4-5 days for finishing this trek. Note that the route advances over two mountain passes, which exceed the breathtaking (literally!) mark of 5,000 meters. You won’t find any teahouses nor restaurants along the route. That’s why it’s important to make sure your trekking company provides adequate food and gear.

Gandan Samye trekking

The bottom line: when and where to hike in Tibet?

Tibet is a paradise for trekking enthusiasts. You face a variety of hiking options that suit different fitness levels.

The top treks in Tibet Himalayas are Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek, Mt Kailash Trek, and Ganden to Samye Trek. Additionally, people love Kharta Valley and Tsurphu to Yangpachen treks.

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