Guide to Tibet Motorbike Tour – Insights About The Road Trip

Insights About Tibet Motorcycle Tour – What to Experience on a Road Trip


Motorbike enthusiasts love Tibet. It’s an absolute joy to zip through the Himalayan range on your motorbike.

However, planning a Tibet motorbike tour seems like a hassle. You might have heard about permits and confusing overland routes to Tibet. And even restrictions on foreigners.

We’ll take care of this headache by spelling out all the basics in this article. After reading this article, you can focus on the exciting rather than stressful parts.


First things first: can I do it alone?

Foreigners need to have a government-approved tour guide with them in Tibet. Independent travel in Tibet is illegal for non-Chinese citizens.

Should that stop you from booking a tour? Not really.

Local knowledge enriches your Tibet travel experience. While bikers value individual freedom, the escorted motorbike tours in Tibet still leave you with a goldmine of memories.


What are the requirements for Tibet motorbike tours?Motorcycle at mountain lake

You have to comply with a few conditions:

  • A local Tibetan tour guide has to accompany you on the trip.
  • You have to be accompanied by a registered tour vehicle, such as a bike or car.
  • Chinese driver’s license. Don’t worry, you can get the license as a foreigner.

Also, you’ll need the essential documents sorted out. Learn more about the Tibet Travel Permit (TTB) by clicking here.

NB! Note that the Chinese driver’s license is mandatory for riding your own bike. You could always just rent a motorbike.

Now, let’s go over the itinerary planning…


Option #1: Starting your trip from China

There are three main highways entering Tibet from China: Xinjiang Province (City: Wulu muqi), Qinghai Province (City:Xining), and Sichuan Province (City:Chengdu). Yunnan is not available till now.

P.S. A restriction holds for Bhutan. You simply can’t enter Tibet with your motorbike from there.

You could also get creative and start a motorbike trip in China. When you have had enough, it’s possible to get on a train or plane to Tibet. The only downside is that you can’t take the motorcycle with you. Very complicated in case of a personal bike.

Are you an expat in China? Tibet is much closer to you compared to people residing elsewhere. Take advantage of this unique opportunity! Motorbike tours in Tibet are a stellar option for discovering the plateau. Click here to learn more about various tour options.

If you are are driving your car from abroad, you can still ride across the borders from Kyrghyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia to China. Note that you will need at least 2 months to prepare for related documents application.


Option #2: Starting your trip from Nepal

As opposed to China, you are free to start the motorbike trip from Nepal. Still, all the same rules apply. That means doing all the paperwork and having a local travel guide and vehicle with you in Tibet.


Option #3: Starting your trip from Tibet

Motorcycle tours in Tibet are quite popular among enthusiasts. For example, you could hop on a motorbike and ride from Lhasa to the Everest Base Camp (EBC). But you need to have a local tour guide and vehicle accompanying you at all times.Motorbike in the mountains

Here are the popular destinations for motorcycle riders:

  • Everest Base Camp motorbike tour
  • Motorcycling through Gyantse
  • Motorbike adventure to Mt Kailash
  • Visiting Shigatse as part of the EBC trip


What are the top tips for a Tibet motorbike tour?

Follow these suggestions to get the most out of your epic motorcycling adventure in Tibet:

  • Learn about the symptoms of altitude sickness
  • Motorcycle leathers provide safety and warmth
  • Biking boots come handy on a trip like this
  • Sunglasses are vital because of the thin atmosphere
  • Have a waterproof layer even outside the rainy season
  • The best time is mid-April to mid-June and early September to late-October
  • There’s no way around wearing a biker’s helmet in Tibet


The bottom line: Tibet motorbike tours

Tibet landscape road in green river valley

Tibet is a great destination for speedy two-wheelers. You’ll enjoy the jaw-dropping views together with hairpin bends and fresh mountain air.

The easiest way is booking a motorbike tour in Tibet without your own bike. Personal bikes call for more paperwork. You can start a non-stop tour from Kathmandu, Nepal as well. There are many providers for this type of tour.

Keep in mind that it’s impossible to make a direct motorbike journey from Bhutan or China to Tibet.

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