5 Legendary Hot Springs in Tibet That Cannot Be Missed

5 Most Famous Tibetan Hot Springs That Cannot Be Missed

How to get the most out of your Tibet tour?

For starters, there are many must-see places in Tibet. Magnificent temples, awe-inspiring mountainscapes, surreal Alpine lakes and the grand Lhasa Old Town tend to pop up online for many trip planners.

But did you know that you can visit amazing hot springs located in the Plateau?

Yes, Tibet is home to well over a thousand hot springs. Not all of them are clean or should be on the top of your to-see list. But the ones that do deserve a visit are simply spectacular.

In this article, we’ll list the top five hot springs in Tibet. Try to explore at least one or two out of these five bathing places on your unforgettable Tibet trip!

#1: Yangpachen Hot Spring

Yangpachen is a spectacular site that hosts numerous hot springs, including geysers, boiling springs, and regular hot springs. However, the natural hot spring pools are too hot for direct use.

That’s why you can enjoy an open-air swimming pool for bathing. Before the water is used for dipping in, two large cisterns allow the water to cool down enough for safe bathing.

Even though the water gets transferred into the pool, you’ll still enjoy an authentic experience. The natural hot spring water is therapeutic because of the high mineral content.

The views opening from the open-air pool are mesmerizing. Visitors point out that the surrounding vistas provide especially riveting looks during the winter. Then you are able to soak in the naturally hot water as the snow dropping from the sky melts around you in the pool.

Massive Yangpachen Hot Spring in Tibet
Yangpachen is part of a huge 16 sq. km flat area of hot springs, geysers, and boiling springs.

#2: Dezong Hot Spring

The Dezong hot spring is located at whopping 4,200 meters above sea level. The hot spring nurtured by a waterfall offers medicinal water therapy. There are three hot springs in total. These are divided as follows: female, mixed, and male.

The jade-colored water escapes the Earth at a temperature of around 40° C. Its restorative and rejuvenating effects spring from dissolved calcite and the natural infusion of Tussilago essential oils.

#3: Tirthapuri Hot Spring

Would you like to visit a sacred hot spring? Tirthapuri has been a common pilgrim bathing spot as they arrive from the Kailash circuit. But you need to keep one thing in mind. You can visit this place, but there isn’t a chance to properly bathe anymore.

The spring has weakened over time, turning from a beautiful watery oasis into a barren field of rocks and dust. Still, the surroundings introduce dramatic mountainous landscapes that are worth a visit on their own.

#4: Riduo Hot Spring

According to the Tibetan Buddhist texts, Guru Padmasambhava bathed in Riduo hot spring. After the reviving bath, he announced the hot spring contains holy water.
Here are the spiritual benefits of bathing in Riduo hot spring:

  • You can purify your spirit
  • You are able to wash away the sins of the past
  • You could receive motivation for doing good deeds to other people
  • You’ll gain good fortune for using it in the next world

#5: Xiqian Hot Spring

Xiqian hot springs are located a few kilometers north of the Friendship Highway and around 10 kilometers away from Lhatse. It’s a perfect stop on your way when visiting this region in the wintertime.

A significant number of the people gathering in the springs believe in the healing properties of these waters. Among other ailments, this natural water is believed to help against arthritis, eczema, and gastritis.

Visiting Xiqian hot spring is now more comfortable than ever. The recent developments have resulted in the opening of two indoor pools. These are large enough to accommodate a number of visitors. No more slippery rocks on your way towards enjoying these medicinal waters.

In a nutshell: Hot Springs Worth a Visit in Tibet

So, where to go in Tibet? In addition to the obvious sights, you could plan on visiting a few legendary hot springs. These bathing sites have a reputation that dates back to ancient times.

Here are our top suggestions for a great Tibet hot spring getaway:

  • Yangpachen
  • Latse Dezong
  • Tirthapuri
  • Riduo
  • Xiqian

Note that these hot springs differ from each other in terms of surroundings and the general atmosphere. If you have the time, visit at least two hot springs to gain different perspectives on Tibetan hot spring culture.

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